What Is a Window Replacement?

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What Is a Window Replacement?

When a window is replaced with another window, most often the replacement has better views than the older one and also allows for more natural light through the opening, making for healthier indoor air quality. However, when there is an issue with a window and it needs to be repaired, it can sometimes be very difficult to tell the difference between the window that needs repaired and the one that is just needing a replacement, since they both have the same type of glass and may even share some of the same features. The best way to tell the difference is by seeing if the glass is cracked in any places or if it appears slightly damaged. If the glass appears to be cracked, or if it appears to be broken, then it is recommended that you contact a home exterior repair company.

Window Replacement

Most window replacement projects include replacing the sash, which is the top part of the window that covers the glass and provides access to the exterior. The replacement process usually includes the replacement of the entire sash including all the hardware including the hinges, brackets and cleats. Also, it is common to replace the full-frame pulley pockets along the edges of the sash, which allow the pulley system to move up and down with ease without causing stress to the frame itself. In this process, the inside and outside trim remains in place and the old unit is placed directly into the opening. Typically, a trim piece or cap is placed over the edge of the full-frame to fill in the slight gap between the new and old frame.

After the window is replaced, it is important to make sure the sloped, and sashes are properly attached to the window. Then, depending on the type of repair, it is possible to add a trim piece to the bottom portion of the opening of the sash, called the insertion kit. After the insert replacement window frame is inserted into its proper location, a gasket of varying material is used to cover the sides of the opening. The gasket can be made of rubber, vinyl, plastic, or a combination of the two. Finally, the side jambs are installed into their respective holes.

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