Install Your Shower Faucet in the Right Way

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Unlike installing a faucet for your kitchen sink or basin you will discover that this is much more tough. To do this job you will require a Allen wrench, multi-head screwdriver, flexible wrench, copper cutters, lantern, fireproof protecting, and possibly PEX cutters and crimpers.

To change out the shower faucet you will certainly require to get access to the rear of the shower. If you are going to ceramic tile the front you can obtain accessibility from the front and also get the job done by doing this. As the majority of showers do not have shutoff valves you will certainly need to shut down your major supply of water and drain pipes the water lines in your house.

Currently take off the manage and the face plate of the faucet.

Next cut into the wall surface from the front or rear of the shower. You will certainly require an opening large sufficient to reduce the old shutoff out as well as to get a torch in to solder the brand-new tap into place. If your home is newer you might have PEX water lines, however you should still have a copper riser to the showerhead.

You will certainly want to solder copper tube onto the suitable that you are mosting likely to string onto the faucet, unless you acquire the type of valve that requires to solder right to the tap. If this holds true make sure to take the stem out so you do not have any type of problems later from thawing the internal parts.

As soon as you removed the old shower shutoff you will certainly need to gauge to ensure the new faucet will fit into location. Otherwise you will certainly require to cut the front of the shower to make this fit properly. Place Teflon on the strings prior to threading the brass by copper or brass by PEX fittings onto the faucet. Sometimes a shower shutoff is suggested for both a shower and a tub/shower installment. If this is the case there needs to be a brass plug to string right into all-time low of the valve.

Secure the tap securely to an item of timber or 2by4.

As soon as you have the brand-new fittings in position after that position the faucet in the location of the old faucet. Currently solder, or kink the water lines onto the new system. Remove the old showerhead and place a nipple area and also cap right into the female joint. Now shutoff anything you open up to drain the house and turn the water to your home back on. Look for any leaks. If everything is great go as well as turn the water back off as well as drain your home. Then remove the nipple area as well as cap and area the shower arm and also head into the female string. Install the faceplate and also the take care of and also turn the water back on. Make certain the handle is in the proper area. Otherwise, take the manage off and rotate.

If you had leaks you need to turn off the water and also repair after that examination prior to placing on the deal with and also faceplate.

If your old shower was a two manage design as well as you are setting up a single bar style after that you will require to put in a plate that will cover the holes of the old tap. This is offered by Delta at most hardware shops.

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